Research Interests

•    Hydrology
•    Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture
•    Hydroinformatics
•    Numerical Methods


Istanbul  Technical  University, Istanbul, Turkey
M.Sc., Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Sept.  2012 - June    2014
Relevant Courses: Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Fuzzy Logic Modeling in Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Flood Control, Stochastic Modeling Techniques in Hydrology, Computational Hydraulics, Water Resources Engineering,  River Regulation.
•    Thesis Title: Wave power potential assessment of Aegean Sea

University  of  Tabriz,  Tabriz, Iran
B.S., Civil Engineering , September 2007 - June   2012
Relevant Courses: Fluid Mechanics, Ground Water Hydrology, Hydraulics, Hydraulic Lab, Hydraulic Structures, Principles of Dam    Engineering
•    Specialized Project:  Prefabricated hollow core slabs

Research Experience    

Research Assistant    August 2016 to Present University of Iowa - Iowa Flood Center
Advisors: Ricardo Mantilla, Ph.D, Witold F. Krajewski, Ph.D
Soil moisture dynamics; Spatial and temporal variability of soil moisture; Application of NASA SMAP soil moisture in real-time flood forecasting.

Research Assistant    January 2016 to  July 2016 Auburn University
Supervisor:  Jose Vasconcelos, Ph.D
Coupled hydrologic-hydraulic modeling of sediment deposition in Soapstone watershed  (Alabama).

Research Assistant    September 2014 to August 2015 Istanbul  Technical University
Supervisor: E.E. Eseller-Bayat, Ph.D Grant Number:  TU¨ BI˙TAK - 213M367
Dynamic Response of Sands Mitigated by Induced  Partial  Saturation  under New and Existing Structures; Numerical modeling of soil liquefaction under  partial  saturation  conditions.

Research Assistant    September 2012 to  June 2014 Istanbul  Technical University
Advisor:  Mehmet O¨ zger, Ph.D Grant:  TU¨ BI˙TAK - 112M586
Wave power potential assessment of Aegean Sea with integrated 15-year data; Long-term mesoscale spectral wave modeling. 

Undergraduate Researcher    September 2011 to July 2012 University of Tabriz
Supervisor:  Esmaeil  Esmaeilzadeh, Ph.D
Experimental investigation of micro-droplet generation and jet column manipulation.


1.  Jadidoleslam, N., Mantilla R., Krajewski W. F., Goska R. “Investigating the role of antecedent SMAP satellite soil moisture, radar rainfall and MODIS vegetation on runoff production in an agricultural region”, Journal of Hydrology, Under Review
2.    Jadidoleslam, N., Mantilla R., Krajewski W. F., Cosh M. H. “Data- driven stochastic model for basin and sub-grid variability of SMAP satellite soil moisture”, Journal of Hydrology, June 2019 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2019.06.026.  (IF: 4.4)
3.    Krajewski W. F.,  Jadidoleslam,  N.,  Mantilla R. “Using SMAP Data   to Investigate the Role of Soil Moisture Variability on Realtime Flood Forecasting”, AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2017
4.    Faraji, S., Sadri, B., Vajdi Hokmabad, B., Jadidoleslam, N., Esmaeilzadeh, E. “Experimental study on the role of electrical conductivity in pulsating modes of electrospraying”, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, October 2016 10.1016/j.expthermflusci.2016.10.030 (IF: 3.2)
5.    Jadidoleslam, N., O¨ zger, M. “Wave power potential assessment of Aegean Sea with an integrated 15-year data”, Renewable Energy, February 2016 10.1016/j.renene.2015.09.022 (IF: 5.4)
6.    Eseller-Bayat, E.E., Nateghi, A., Seyedi Viand, S.M., Jadidoleslam, N. “Numerical modelling of liquefaction tests of fully saturated sands in CSSLB”, 4th International Conference on New Developments in Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2-4 June 2016, Near  East  University,  Nicosia, North  Cyprus
7.    Jadidoleslam,  N., O¨ zger, M., “Wave model calibration and performance evaluation of MIKE 21 SW in Aegean Sea”, 2nd PhD Conference on Earth System Science, Max Plank Institute for Chemistry, March 2015, Mainz, Germany.
8.    Jadidoleslam, N., Moghanni, M., “Prefabricated hollow core deck building for saving energy”, Advances in Civil Engineering Conference 2012, Ankara, Turkey.
9.    S. Faraji, B. Sadri, B. Vajdi Hokmabad, N. Jadidoleslam, E. Esmaeilzadeh, “Electrospray characteristics of aqueous KCl solutions with various electrical conductivities”, ICLASS 2012, Hiedelberg, Germany. (Winner of Paul Eisenklam Award for young researcher from ICLASS institution)

Hard and Soft Skills

Programming Languages:
•    Matlab, C, Python, R, TeX, Visual Basic, Fortran 90,   Pascal
Database  &  Web Application:
•    PostgreSQL, PHP, Javascript, HTML, MySQL
Other Softwares:
ArcGIS, Delft 3D, EndNote, Geostudio, GetData Digitizer, Global Mapper, Image Pro Plus(Image Processing), Mendeley, MIKE 21 SW, MIKE 21 HD, NetCDF Operators(NCO), Origin Lab, QGIS, Surfer


•    American Geophysical Union
•    American Society of Civil Engineers
•    Canadian Society for Civil  Engineering
•    IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing  Society
•    IEEE Young  Professionals
•    International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research
•    International Association of Hydrological  Sciences
•    The Oceanography Society
•    The Royal Statistical Society


• Renewable Energy Journal - Reviewer (2017 - Present)

Honors & Awards

•    Third place in Graduate Student Poster Competition - National Soil Moisture Workshop 2019, Kansas State University
•    Outstanding Reviewer - Renewable Energy Journal (Awarded in July 2017)


Basketball, Biking, Hiking, Fishing, Soccer, Music (Guitar, Santour, Tonbak), Singing, Photography


•    Azerbayjani: Native
•    English: Fluent
•    Persian: Native
•    Turkish: Fluent