Tuesday, 26 April 2016 18:19

This is very simple and the most straightforward flow modeling using HEC-RAS 5.0 which is capable of hydraulic modeling in 2-dimensional space. The input files are not that much accurate and you may double check it again from the technical aspect. There are different parameters that should be defined and given as input to HEC-RAS 5.0.

The screen recording was done by the Webinaria program which is a free and open source program.

The background image of the desktop is Berlin, Germany(Source ESA : http://www.esa.int/spaceinimages/content/search?SearchText=IOW&img=1?collection=&mission=&keyword=IOW&idf=+--%3E+ID&Ic=on&Vc=on&Ac=on&subm3=GO)

Monday, 11 April 2016 12:35

Today, I would like to introduce you HEC-RAS 5.0 which is capable of 2-dimensional modeling of hydraulic problems. This could be called a milestone for HEC-RAS program which is very popular among hydraulic engineers. The new version of HEC-RAS could be used for 2D only or combined 2D and 1D modeling. Also the RASMapper is very useful part of this program that could be used for creating the computational domain from Raster files, viewing the output data or exporting data from HEC-RAS to other GIS software. You can download the latest version of HEC-RAS from

You can download the latest version of HEC-RAS from link below:


Don't forget to read the documentation and hydraulic manual of this program before starting to work on your problem.